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Quarantine: Looking the World with Other Eyes

The current situation the world is enduring due the pandemic is now being referred within the financial argot as the “Lockdown Crisis” or “Lockdown Recession,” because contrary to previous crises, ...

back to the future

¿Podemos Volver al Futuro?

Debo confesar que estoy sorprendido de la increíble respuesta de la gente en redes sociales celebrando la llegada del personaje de Marty McFly al hipotético año 2015. Pero no debería de estarlo con...

back to the future

Can we come Back to the Future?

I should confess that I’m amused by the incredible response of the people in social media celebrating the arrival of the character of Marty McFly to the hypothetical year of 2015. I should no...