What is Vandella: Resilience about?

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The publication date of Vandella: Resilience on November 15 is approaching, and I would like to share with you, what the novel is about.

First, I want to clarify that Vandella: Resilience is intended to be read as a sequel to my first novel Vandella, even though, chronologically, this novel occurs first, hence can be considered a “prequel.” There is a reason for that, since I want the readers to experience the story through Maia’s eyes, and this includes the order in which she receives these revelations about the past. I’ve planned Vandella as a huge puzzle, and every book and short story represent a piece from it, and this will retroactively enrich your experience of the previous novel. So, if you re-read Vandella after completing Vandella: Resilience, you’ll notice it made it “completer” and more satisfactory, and this is by design. I wrote Vandella like a novel you can keep returning as you progress through the series and fit the missing pieces to uncover the mysteries in Vandella.

The happenings of Vandella: Resilience unfolds during an epoch of great turmoil, the Second World War. And we’ll witness this story about the horrors of war and closeness with Death, through the eyes of Peach, who for those who’ve read Vandella, will understand the implications of telling her story. But I’ll refrain from going deeper to avoid any spoilers of the first book.

So, first, I would like to share with you the short synopsis (book blurb), and secondly, the art of some of the new and recurring characters you’ll find in Vandella: Resilience.


If Death came to warn you about your imminent passing, would you dare to defy it?

Young Bund Deutscher Mädel Peach lives with her mother in the quiet German countryside, longing to return to Berlin once the war ends and realize her dream of stardom as an Olympic hurdler for the Fatherland.

At her friend’s wedding to an SS officer at Wewelsburg Castle, the heart and soul of the SS, she witnesses a séance wherein a supernatural entity promises Nazi victory in exchange for seven children held prisoner in the dungeon. Sickened, Peach rescues the children and leads them across a war-torn Germany toward the Dutch border, with the SS forces in hot pursuit.

On her perilous journey, Peach suffers all the horrors of war—loss of innocence, loss of dignity, loss of loved ones—all while haunted by the eerie company of the Harbinger of Death.


Here is the character art:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this sneak peak into Vandella: Resilience and please keep tuned to the news of its publication by subscribing to my newsletter, where I’ll be sharing more information about this and my upcoming projects.

I’ll see you next time.

M. Ch. Landa

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