Vandella: Resilience Preview

Hi All,

As we approach to the publication of my second novel, “Vandella: Resilience” on November 15th, I want to share a preview with you.

Please go to my website and subscribe to my newsletter. You will receive an email confirmation with a link to download the first five chapters of “Vandella: Resilience” totally for FREE. But also, if you haven’t read my first novel yet, you can download the first three chapters of “Vandella” as well.

Additionally, I included two short stories from my companion series Vandella’s Chronicles.

“The Man with a Thousand Names”, a story which explores the relativity of Death, when the protagonist, old Harvey, is guided by the Harbinger of Death through the threshold between life and death to unravel the biggest mystery of all: what is in the afterlife?

“The Courier”, follows Jacques DuBois, a member of the French Resistance during World War II, as he eagerly searches for a mysterious “courier” to deliver a letter containing valuable intelligence across the battlefield, only to find, the “courier” is not who he thinks is, and the letter, might contain something beyond this world.

All four and the bundle are available in PDF, ePub and MOBI formats to be read in your preferred device.

I hope you enjoy them and please share your comments on social media and let me know what you liked most.

And stay tuned for the publication of Vandella: Resilience on November 15th. You can’t miss it.

M. Ch. Landa

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