Vandella: Resilience is finished!

After a long and laborious process of revisions, I can share with you the news that the English version of the manuscript of my second novel, Vandella: Resilience, is now complete!

I started the first draft of this novel during the lockdown of the pandemic, and after multiple iterations and 5 drafts, the sequel of my debut novel is now in the shape I’d envisioned it. As I’ve shared in the past, the biggest challenge for me has been to translate the scenes and characters I imagine in my head without losing the emotion, the essence, and the personality when jumping into the pages. But I can say, I feel very pleased with the final result, and I’m confident the readers will enjoy Vandella: Resilience as much as I did writing it.

Even if it seems like a long road since I first started, I wrote and edited Vandella: Resilience just in a fraction of the time and effort from my debut novel. As a writer, this makes me appreciate how the hard work paid off with the experience I gained. And I’m confident this will help me with my next manuscripts, and to renew my commitment to keep learning and pushing my writing craft to deliver the best stories for you, my readers.

There is still a long way to publication, but with each milestone, I get closer to share Vandella: Resilience with you! Now I’ll start translating it to Spanish and do the proper editing as well. As I get closer to publication, I’ll keep sharing updates with you, to keep you updated! So, please subscribe to my newsletter so you don’t miss any news!

But before I go, now that editing and proofreading has been completed, I want to thank my amazing editors Kelly Schaub and Lara Kennedy sincerely for the amazing work both did in helping me to bring my manuscript into the best shape possible. Also, for sharing the tips and recommendations to keep improving my craft.

Without further due, I say goodbye to you for now, but not for long, so stay tuned!

M. Ch. Landa

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