Vandella: Resilience has been published!

Finally, after a long time working on this project, my second novel, Vandella: Resilience has been published today. I started formally working on this novel during the covid lockdown back in 2020. The story unfolds mostly in Germany, and I was planning to visit the country late in that year, but certainly fate had other plans, and I had to cancel my trip and double down on my effort of investigating the locations relying entirely on the internet. I feel pleased with the result, so no complaints there but I hope one day I can visit the locales, this time carrying the novel with me.

Additional to that, this novel draw inspiration on some life experiences of my mother, and I’d planned to dedicate this creative effort to her, as tribute in life, but unfortunately, as I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts, my mother sadly passed away this year, before seeing this book published.

As the subtitle of this novel implies, writing this novel has been a challenge personally speaking, and demanded me, above all, to become resilient. And in the same way, I hope this could be my gift for my readers: a heart wrenching story that proves hope can outshine the gloomiest darkness in the hearts of humankind. I hope that like I succeeded in the endeavor of publishing Vandella: Resilience, you too find success in your life. But above all, I hope this novel entertains you, but above all, makes you reflect on the miracle and beauty of living regardless of life’s harshness.

I want to thank all of you, my readers, for your continuous support of my art, giving the opportunity that an uncommon novel like Vandella could thrive in the crowded publishing market.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy Vandella: Resilience, since I gave the best of me.

Thank you for dedicating the time to read it.

M. Ch. Landa

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