Vandella is going wide!

When I first started writing my debut novel Vandella, my aim was to share this story with the most people I could. At launch, I subscribed the book to the Kindle Unlimited program which works as a subscription to leverage on the accessibility. Now, after nine months of exclusivity, I’m expanding the distribution of Vandella’s eBook to keep pushing my goal of reaching a wider audience.

The online stores where you can find the Vandella novel comprise Apple Books, Google Books, Kobo, Nook, and many other online retailers. Please refer to my Books2Read Universal Link to find out the store of your preference.


Apple Books:

Google Play Books:



My commitment is to remain true to my initial aim of wide spreading Vandella Series. Additionally, I want to explore options for a wider paperback distribution with different retailers, especially for Latin America. Something I also have in mind is the translation to different languages, like German, French, or any other popular languages, but I’ll wait until there are more entries in the series and the series it’s better positioned.

Some other readers have questioned me if I’m considering producing audiobooks for Vandella. Being quite honest, I don’t listen to many audiobooks, and those which I listen to are usually non-fiction books. For fictional audiobooks, something I don’t like too much is having the same actor reading the dialog of all the characters. I wish I could pay for an entire cast to voice each character, however that is out of the picture. Another thing I’m not a fan about the audiobooks is the quirkiness of reading all the words written that are more suitable for the reader’s internal monolog. I believe that to sound prettier and more poetic, books need to be edited and adapted for such a purpose. Having this in consideration, I would like to explore audio more in the future. I’m not closed to the audiobook option, but I think I will not pursue this medium, at least for now.

But what do you think? Which medium, language or distribution channel should I target next? Share your thoughts.

I’ll keep you posted about incoming developments. Stay tuned.

M. Ch. Landa

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