Vandella has been published!

Finally, after so many years, my first novel, Vandella, has seen the light of day. It might sound like a triviality for most people, but for us writers, is like delivering a child into the world.

Vandella gestated for over ten years, and during that time, slowly abandoned the realm of my thoughts and to materialize in the paper as words. For that reason, novels are deeply emotional for us. Books reveal the thoughts of their writers to the public, what can daunt many authors, making them cycle in an infinite loop of perfectionism to delay judgement and criticism from the readers. All writers are subjected to these fears in different degrees, but like with babies, many novels tell their creators when are ready to be delivered into the world.

Vandella grew within me in parallel as I matured as a writer. The odyssey to write the novel was for me a journey of discovery, learning and self-knowledge as well. The novel is not perfect (if such a thing exists), but during the years I’ve polished with the aid of my editors to where has become the work I had envisioned to accomplish when first defined the goal. For some time, Vandella has been asking me to deliver it to the public, and I had all the intention to do it in 2020, but the pandemic arrived. A fateful year that I used to write its sequel instead.

So, with no further due, starting today, you can order your copy of Vandella. I sincerely hope that your experience reading it could be as rewarding as it was for me writing it. I must confess that I’m flattered to see the warm welcome given by the editorial reviews:


“Strong worldbuilding and an engaging teen protagonist ground this fantasy in real emotion.” Booklife Reviews

“Landa spins readers headlong into a jarring but intriguing odyssey through an underworld where dreams and nightmares trump logic.” — Kirkus Reviews

“A vivid depiction of life after death and the sacrifices we make for the ones we love.” — Reedsy Discovery

Vandella is an imaginative and vivid tale of both love and horror.”Booklife Prize


I hope you can share with me the thoughts about your experience reading Vandella in the shape of platform reviews, social media posts, direct messages or even complaints. Writing Vandella taught me so much, but I still need the feedback from my avid readers to keep growing in my career as author and next time craft a better book.

I’ll be waiting to hear from you! And if you enjoy it, please share it so Vandella can reach more people.

An author is nothing without an audience. Thanks for your continuous support.

M. Ch. Landa

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