The individual

Even when we live our ordinary lives immersed in it, human society it’s complex to understand: it’s difficult to grasp where the individual finishes and the collective begins. But, it’s even harder to find ourselves as an individuals within the boundaries of totality. We don’t know certainly if society it’s the addition of individual efforts, or the individual it’s the product of the society in which is immersed. In other words, when I desire something, how to know if this impulse was genuinely generated by my inner being, or because of the influence of the environment?

Imagine we travel back a hundred years and try to explain people about concepts like Facebook, foursquare and other social media tools of the internet. How many would find attractive sharing intimacies into the whole world?

I believe just a few.

In this case both are humans, but the communitarian psyche of the epoch was different.

The question here is: should we, as human beings, care for pursuit our individual essence? Or just surrender to the idea of communitarian psyche shaped by the influence of the mass?

M. Ch. Landa

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    Individual essence forever, but adopting our lifestyle to survive like the animals into the wild. We have to look for the balance, not that easy.

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      Marcos Chavarria - 17 June 2014

      What happens when the animal becomes the environment itself in order to survive? What is the difference between the adapted animals and the ones that perish because the lack of adaptation?

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