The Hand of God

Religious and atheists believe—consciously or unconsciously—in a higher order, a synchronicity, a universal flow or a will of divine proportions that dictates or influences in a degree the outcome of events in our ordinary lives. My grandmother—a woman of faith—used to say that “A leaf can´t move without the will of God,” and I always have been puzzled about this hidden hand.


The other day I came to the office, and greeted my peer asking her “how it was the movie?”—the day before she told me her plans for taking her family to the cinema—and her face flashed with excitement and then proceeded to tell me her adventures.


They went to watch one of those superheroes movies that are incredible popular. Unlike her children she was so bored that focused her attention in the candies and in the blink of the eye she emptied the popcorn bowl and switched her 32 oz. Cola from the cup to her bladder. Unconcerned by the movie she flew to the bathroom with physiological urgency, begging to make it before a disaster happened.


Then she came back to her seat after fulfilling her corporeal duties—and refilling the popcorn bowl—, just to remember that she left her purse hanging in the bathroom’s door. She abandoned the theater again with a greater urgency—money urgency. The way to the restrooms felt twice longer than the previous, so she had twice the time to beg to God for allow her to arrive on time before someone take it.


“By the greatness of God”—I quote her words—she recovered her purse and felt so released that even enjoyed the last part of the movie.


The credits rolled with a happy ending—why should be otherwise if this is a superheroes movie?—and the audience abandoned the theater. Before reaching the exit a cellphone rang somewhere between the empty seats. Her husband tracked it down and found the lost phone that handed to her while still buzzing. She turned it off and pocked it.


She was so happy retelling the story not only she recovered her purse but because lucky smiled to her and found an almost brand new cellphone.


In that moment, the skeptical me, wondered about the involvement of the hidden hand in the event. So imagine that the prayers of my friend were heard by God and allowed that a good Samaritan left the purse in the place hoping the owner will come back to claim it. Then, the owner of the cellphone didn’t beg to God? Or if did, why his prayers were diminished? Was the same hand that left the purse that one that took the cellphone?


This is not about the moral implications of “finding” or “robbing” the cellphone but about the consciousness of the manifestation of the will. The will manifest through us. We create the will. We are the will. We need to be conscious about it.


The hand it’s the same in both cases. It’s our hand.


The man fears what he doesn’t understand because he rejects the idea of his authorship. He fears to be accountable of the responsibility of creation. It’s easier to say God created the world in seven days, so later we can blame him of the errors. But without us there would be no planet earth. We need to realize even the worst and bigger events in man’s history are a cumulative effect of the will of everybody’s hand.


Then if everybody wants to appear in the credits of a happy ending movie why we don’t want to be responsible of that frame of the movie that corresponds to us?


As we become conscious about our creation, will fear less the darkness, because the worst we can find in it, is ourselves.


M. Ch. Landa

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