The Empty Seat

Today, I went to the movie theater to watch the third instalment of the movie “The Equalizer.” One of the favorite action series of the person who infused to me the love for cinema since I was only a toddler. But who, unfortunately, the flame of life extinguished too soon. My Mother.

Today, I went to the movie theater to watch that movie for me and for her, as we did with the previous two. With all the excitement she had after watching the trailer, full of eagerness to complete the story, but unfortunately the movie of her life ended earlier.

Today, I sat in the movie theater and glanced at the empty seat beside me, remembering her sitting by my side. As the lights dimmed and the projector started rolling, imbued by the magic of cinema, I could feel her watching the movie with me. And for a moment, filling the void left by her departure.

And when the end arrived and the credits rolled, I waited for the lights to dispel the magical blackness and I could turn to her, as I always did, to ask if she had liked it. Hoping to find her sitting by my side and tell me “I loved it” with a wide smile.

Today, I went to the movie theater to watch the movie my mother wanted to but never could. And even when her seat by my side will remain empty, her place in my heart will forever be occupied.

M. Ch. Landa

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