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The Witcher and The Law of Surprise.

“You will give me that which you already have but do not know. I’ll return to Cintra in six years to see if destiny has been kind to me.” These are the fearsome words of Geralt of Rivia, a Witcher, before sealing his destiny forever.

The Law of Surprise is an oath evoked recurrently in the fictional world of bestselling book series The Witcher by polish novelist Andrzej Sapkowski, first successfully adapted to a videogame series by polish studio Cd Projekt Red and now, just days away from its debut on Netflix as live-action show by December 20th 2019, starring Henry Cavill as the famous monster slayer. And by the huge buzz surrounding it, it appears to be magical—just like the oath describes—, that The Witcher came to life under the shadow of destiny to surprise the entire world.

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