We stare at the news wandering why there is so much violence in the world and we feel alien at that concept, not knowing how violence can escalate to inhuman levels. The problem is that we don’t understand how our current behavior is linked to that violence. In other words, when we commit a bad deed we can’t instantly perceive the result, what makes us believe it was not that bad after all until our memory forget about it.

We transfer hate or joy to our family and friends in the same degree our parents and people transmitted it to us. If you beat your son, he will do the same to his sons. If you make someone suffer, that person will cast that suffering to someone else. And we do it because we play as the victims, telling ourselves we have the right to make someone suffer because we were innocent, and it’s true, we were innocent until the moment we seek for revenge unleashing our violence against another innocent soul.

Good or bad deeds we do pass from hand to hand until the circle closes, and in that moment you receive what you gave at the beginning plus interest. Some people call it Karma, I prefer the more physical and more descriptive “snow ball effect,” because we all see ourselves as the kings at the top of the world, but one day we will be downhill and that snowball we pushed at the top will run over us with the cold taste of revenge.

M. Ch. Landa

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