This is the time of the year in which most of us evaluate our personal year and set resolutions for the incoming year and failing to attain them are not news. But why?

In business, goals should be SMART, an acronym that stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely. This time I want to focus in the measurement of our goals, because we tend to use the wrong metric…. What is the metric for success? How many of you can consider money as a metric for success?

Incorrect metrics are referred as vanity metrics, that represent something flashing that can deceive us from what truly can help us to really achieve our goals, speaking from the true meaning of our goals.

Then, what metrics should we use to measure our goals, our life?

Hardcore romantics will use metrics like breathing, sighs, instants of love, etc. but most of those are passive, just consequences of what really matter… action. Actionable metrics measure the setting in motion of our lives, the interaction with the outside world.

Why is interaction so important? Life is a cycle of perpetual change. And we can’t remain stationary.

Finally our metrics should be based in how we move, how we interact towards our desires. A successful person for me is not a wealthy person but one that is a master of his life, of his fate. That can take decisions and be responsible and confront the consequences. It’s not to us to judge the outcome of the decisions, because at the end everything is subjective, but as long we don’t stop swimming we know we are alive and we are capable to set a new course.

 M. Ch. Landa

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