The Movie of your Life

Have you ever been in a difficult situation, on the verge of a decision, in which you take an option but a faint voice in your head tells you otherwise and you ignore it?

All of us know the outcome of this, the feeling of regret of ignoring that inner voice that somehow knew the outcome and tried to dissuade us from our choice. Some people grant this divination powers to intuition, a sixth sense, divine intervention, you name it… but what if I tell you that those voices are our own? Produced by a version of ourselves in a different circumstance, a different place… deprived of space and time… would you believe me?

The relativity of time is one of the most difficult concepts to truly grasp for most of the people. That is because it's opposite to what we live in our ordinary lives, the straight line of time. Independently if they are science enthusiast, people deal with time relativity paradigm even in religions. In the Christian's beliefs (and most of the monotheist religions) it's told that the judgment day will come in which God will descend from the heavens and judge both living and dead, with the dead raising from their tombs. And because of this, people are waiting for judgment as an event that is about to develop in the near/far future. But it is also told that God is omnipresent, and in order for that to work, God must be timeless, which means that he lives the creation and the end of the universe both at the same time, and he witnesses our birth and death at the same time also. So if that is truth, you may be sitting beside Nero and Napoleon in Judgment.

Now consider this: have you ever watched a film—thrillers and horror movies mostly—in which the protagonist is in extreme danger and you literally shout to the TV set hopping that he will hear you? Or what about when you are watching your favorite sport and act like director of the team? Does it sound familiar to you?

Now imagine that it's you the protagonist of that movie you are watching, since the stakes are higher because you are the one at risk, you will not shout, you will cry to get the attention of yourself and warn about the dangers ahead.

One of the few things certain about death—based on the testimony of people with near-dead experiences—is that you witness a screening of your entire life… Would you shout at yourself when witnessing the bad choices you made?

With what purpose you may ask?

When you die, you are deprived not just of your mortality but also of your temporality. The reason you can witness your entire life and rewind it at your leisure is because there is no boundaries in time. Souls can replay their dead in a car accident, the day when their sons were born, the moment of the first kiss, and many other moments of our lives endlessly. The beauty of that, is that eternity will feel like an instant for the absence of the boundaries of time.

How can you be sure of that? Have you ever heard the story of manifesting ghost wearing clothes from a different era?

The feeling of regret can join us in our journey to death, and we will desire to communicate to our past self, to not waste our life, and our voices may echo in time and reach us in our present day. Why? Because somehow information can travel in supraliminal and superluminal way, and the only way to communicate from a higher—or lower—dimension with our present four dimensional self is in the way of a sense, intuition and that faint voices that lurk in our minds.

But we are all too busy to pay attention to our feelings and sensations.

Why should I worry about that if what matters right now is working hard to make money and have a decent life?

M. Ch. Landa

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