Do you feel lonely?

Do you feel lonely?

At the beginning there was the earth as an inert mass floating in the immensity of the universe. From millions of planets in our galaxy this tiny ball with nothing in particular was the only one capable of reunite the conditions to cherish the greatest miracle. After millions of years of struggle, the lifeless host finally saw the spark of life. An unanimated being giving birth to a new one—something unthinkable to anyone, so astonishing that scientist in the modern age can’t explain it and most probably, they’ll never be able to.

I’m standing bare feet on the beach, feeling the waves going back and forth, looking to the immense blue sea to which the scientists award the miracle of life. I see it moving with a desire, a powerful will, always alive.

Humans wander trying to understand life, but I can tell you, life it’s simple to understand… life it’s the sea.

Life and sea are in constant movement and we can’t past trough it without find the agitation of the waves, and when you learn to swim you must be able to prevent the incoming wave and handle with it in the same way like the problems in life. Searching for a life without problems it would be like the sea without waves, where is the challenge then?

We will find many predators, but we are all prey and predator on the same time—even the greatest sharks are killed by tiny bacteria.

As we try to swim deeper in life, we will find the dark, calm, cold and terrifying waters where the ocean keeps its secrets. We can stay always close to the light, but we will miss the treasures of knowledge—light and darkness are one, we can’t have the whole without the parts.

And finally, doesn’t matter what you do, life always will find its way. If the miracle of life happened once, it will happen again. But more important, we should be that miracle.

The Ocean has witnessed the rise of men, deleting our footprints of the path we have walked, dragging into its depths the history of our kind. Millions of people walked this land before us and millions will do it after.

What will be said of us after we have gone? It’s when life takes a sense for us, inside our insignificant stay in this world.

M. Ch. Landa

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