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The Waterfall

The sun shines in the clear blue sky. The wind blows, carrying a fresh breeze with a smell of wet earth. Big, green trees move with the rhythm of the wind, like dancers pulled through the air. I feel the high grass hitting my knees and its softness when I step on it, hearing the cracking of dried leaves between big stones covered with brilliant green moss. Butterflies and insects fly about the flowers in the green fields, welcoming their new guest. I watch lizards posing on the brown bark of old trees, and I listen to the birds singing in the branches. Being part of such a beautiful show of nature, I am overcome by a delight of senses that arouse my imagination. I close my eyes and feel how the air fills my lungs with each breath. Seguir leyendo “The Waterfall”

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The Hand of God

Religious and atheists believe—consciously or unconsciously—in a higher order, a synchronicity, a universal flow or a will of divine proportions that dictates or influences in a degree the outcome of events in our ordinary lives. My grandmother—a woman of faith—used to say that “A leaf can´t move without the will of God,” and I always have been puzzled about this hidden hand.


The other day I came to the office, and greeted my peer asking her “how it was the movie?”—the day before she told me her plans for taking her family to the cinema—and her face flashed with excitement and then proceeded to tell me her adventures. Seguir leyendo “The Hand of God”

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