Amor Fati

Taking decisions is not simple task. Taking important, crucial decisions can make people to lose their minds. We all know the distressing struggle of choice, and as we grow, we realize it’s a lose-win game in most of the cases. We need to give up onto something in order to gain something else. Even if we are not able to see at firsthand what we are relinquishing, in a distant future, we will.

If we are to lose something anyway, then why not to stop worrying and we surrender ourselves to the inevitable pull of fate?

Amor Fati, is a Latin phrase that can be loosely translated as “Love of Fate,” and this means to see everything that happens—even bad—as something good or at least something necessary to achieve our end.

Can this blindly acceptance of the inevitable make us happy?

Well, I believe that we should be happy with whom we are, and, we are the collection of events performed by our destiny along our lives, now called past.

There is a quote of a Greek poet called Pindar, that says “Become such as you are, having learned what that is,” that can be interpreted in a more tangible phrase as “Be what you know you are.”

What means that?

The havoc created by fate passing through, leave us scars, scars of knowledge. We can, we should understand who we are in order to understand who we want to become. It’s ok not to know what do you want, but it’s unforgivable not knowing what you don’t want to be. This because we have our expertise to prove it good or wrong—we need to be very careful not to fall prey of prejudices, that is not a full experience, but a mental trick of fake experience.

Our first job as human beings it’s to experience, then decide about it. In the verge of the decision we may chose for the greater good based in who we are and who we want to become, and you should remember not to suffer of the advent of the decision, because we will end suffering twice. One for thinking of it, and one more for suffering the loss of the part to sacrifice.

Once I read an anonymous quote in Internet of an old man that said something like: “Anxiety does not come from looking back into the past or looking forward into the future, but by trying to control them.”

The only point when we can control our lives is in the present, in the moment of choice. What we call in Marketing, the “Moment of Truth.”

Don’t Waste the opportunity to decide.


M. Ch. Landa

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