What inspired Vandella: Resilience?

Before the publication of my first novel, Vandella in 2021, I shared a post about family history that sparked my fascination with the topic of death and how it influenced my work...

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My Experience at the Guadalajara International Book Fair

In November of this year I published my second novel, Vandella: Resilience, and I had the privilege of revealing it to the world during the largest literary celebration in the Spanish-speaking world, the Fer...


Vandella: Resilience has been published!

Finally, after a long time working on this project, today my second novel, Vandella: Resilience, is published. I began formally working on this novel during confinement due to...


The Empty Seat

Today I went to the cinema to see the third installment of the movie “The Justicier”. One of the favorite action series of the person who instilled in me the love of cinema since I was a little child. But to whom, he...

“And man will conquer all the wild beasts and at the end he will prove himself the cruelest of them all.”

M.Ch. Landa

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